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Kenya – God’s hand at work

Kenya – God’s hand at work

Dr. Fletcher shares the Gospel with the inmates

Mugambi has served his prison sentence for handling stolen goods and is now a free man.  But Mugambi tells the story of how his freedom goes further than the prison walls. “I was a non-believer, never went to church, and the fact of being in prison was the last straw for me. I felt demeaned, I lost all my property in the fracas of the authorities recovering what they believed was stolen good, and I was seriously thinking of suicide.


“Peter Kihingu (Good News National Director for Kenya) visited the prison where I was and what he said about his past reduced my own experience to nothing. I realized that I still had hope and could reconstruct my life again especially in Christ our Lord.  I trusted my life to the Lord and it turned out to be the best thing I had ever done in my life.  Today am a free man, I have rebuilt my life again, started another business and… am youth leader in my own church.  That God for what He has done in my life.”

A prison cell in Kamiti Medium Security Prison

Mugambi is so grateful for the chaplain ministry that brought him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


In late November, Dr.Harry Fletcherwas able to visit the country of Kenya, meet with the chaplains, visit the Kamiti Medium Security Prison, tour the facility, meet with the prison officer in charge, and share the Gospel with the inmates there.  The economic and political situation in Kenya provides challenges for prison officials, chaplains, and inmates.  Praise God for these committed chaplains who seek to be faithful servants!

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