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Kenya’s Most Wanted Criminal

Kenya’s Most Wanted Criminal

Peter Kihingu was born into a poor family in 1957. His father was a serviceman who served in the Kenya Prison Service and Peter followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the Kenya Armed Forces at age 18, having just finished high school.

Falsely Accused

Being singled out as someone who gave his all to his work, he was sent for special training. But a few years later, he was arrested and incorrectly charged as a spy for the country of Tanzania.

Failing to check into his statements that he was at home with his family during the time he was accused of being trained by the Tanzanian government, Peter was interrogated, tortured and then convicted and given a 14 year prison sentence. In Peter’s own words, “I had gone to the prison only to find that what awaited me there was worse than the torture conditions I had gone through…”

After 6 years in prison, Peter was able to contact someone in the government who researched his story and validated it. He was released and asked to forget that the error of his imprisonment ever happened. He was angry and did not hesitate to say so.

Arrested Again

Seven months later he was arrested again and again falsely charged – this time with 29 counts of robbery. While being escorted back to prison from court, Peter stormed one of the guards, grabbed the guards rifle and escaped.

His picture was posted around the country as a dangerous, armed criminal and after less than two months, he was captured again.

Peter felt miserable, unwanted, and hated…

Suffering a broken leg and a bullet wound in that same leg, Peter was charged and given a prison sentence of 134 years. Having no wife or children, Peter could not imagine spending the rest of his life in prison. He tried suicide and even failed at that. He says that he felt miserable, unwanted, undervalued by anyone and actually hated.

“All is not lost…”

It was a fellow prisoner who was mopping his hospital room floor and singing praise to God who brought the good news of Jesus Christ to an angry, hostile Peter.

He told Peter, “Brother Kihingu, all is not lost. Men may hate you and want you dead based on the events that have taken place in your life but there is Someone who still loves you, values you, and would want you to live the rest of your life differently. His name is Jesus and He can save you if you just believe in Him and trust in Him instead of trusting in yourself.”

A New Life

Peter says, “The Lord Jesus Christ saved me and not only did He do that but he also granted me my freedom… The Lord found me in my ignorance, in my pride and ego which partly had driven me to prison. He saved me and delivered me from the hands of the devil. I didn’t know Him then, but now I do and I know He loves me. I wasn’t faithful to Him but now even while He knew my weakness, He has given me strength, a new name, and new friends and above all, He has made me His servant.”

Eventually exonerated, today Peter is married with two children and serves as the National Director for Good News Jail & Prison Ministry in Kenya. He ministers to inmates in the very prisons where he was once an inmate.

In addition, Peter pastors a church and holds open air evangelism meetings in villages where people would not normally hear the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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